What is your next step?

We want to help you take the next step, both in your spiritual journey and in our community. We believe people are most alive when they are connecting to others and serving Jesus. What does it look like for you to take the next step? Consider participating in a growth track, joining a serve team, or discovering an affinity group that best fits for you.

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Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are interest and vocational based groups that meet a couple of times each semester. Joining an affinity group will equip you to be more skilled in your craft, encourage you in your faith, and connect you with other like minded people.

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Growth tracks

Growth tracks are a great way for you to deepen your faith and further explore Jesus and the Bible.

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Serve Teams

Serve teams make up the life of our community. We believe each person has a gift to bring. What's yours? Join a serve team and find joy in using the gifts God's given you in His Church.