Worship Auditions

We’re so excited you’re here to sign-up for our worship team. At this time of the year we do auditions because a lot of students find our community and want to be part it. These auditions are not like American Idol type auditions, but rather to get an understanding of your level of playing and to see the potential in you. First of all we’re looking for people who love the Lord, love people, live a lifestyle of worship, who are teachable, and are great team players. Second, we’ll look at how comfortable you are with some of the technical aspects of music. We believe that the technical aspect of music can enhance the spiritual side of worship and vice-versa. As a community of people it is our goal to make you feel known, make you belong and become part of our community.

Practical things you need to know.
We have 3 services on a Sunday. Our morning services are at 9:15 & 11am and the evening service is at 6pm. Make sure your agenda allows you to practice at home and to be there for band practice(s). In case you’re (suddenly) not able to make it or not in time, we ask you to contact the worship leader and/or the producer of that service. We understand that life can be busy, but we ask everyone to respect everyone’s time and efforts.

Morning service: Soundcheck and practice happens on Thursdays, 7-9pm. On Thursday night we decide what time we meet Sunday morning, usually this is around 7am. For the Sunday morning team - we provide breakfast and you can order 1 drink of your choice at the coffee bar for free. The second service ends around 12:30pm.
Evening service: Soundcheck and practice happens Sundays, 3pm - and is done by 5:45pm. This leaves some time for you to grab some food. We provide dinner for the evening team and you can order 1 drink of your choice at the coffee bar for free. The evening service is usually done by 8pm.


Please, fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon!

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Morning Services: Thursday 7-9pm, Sunday 7am-12:30pm Evening Services: Sunday 3-8pm
What instrument(s) do you play? *
Obviously, this is not a list of all instruments but the common instruments in a (North American) worship setting.
What instruments do you want to audition for? *
Vocal skills/experience *
Did you have lessons? Self-taught? Only played at home/toured with a band for years...
Do you play in your home church? What band experience do you have? E.g. "Our church is 300 people big, we have a very small stage and I play with the same musicians every other week."
E.g. "I helped figured out the right key for the vocalist and directed the band with dynamics" "I basically showed up to play my parts."
E.g. "as a drummer I'm the rock of the band, my parts and dynamics are very important for the rest of the band, therefore, I'll always keep one eye on the worship leader..."
E.g. "I always pray for the set the week before I'm playing, I seek the Lord for what He wants to do..." "I listen to the songs a hundred times before practice and know everyone's parts by heart, this way I can help others to get their parts right."
E.g. "very important, because teamwork is done well when we communicate our feelings and boundaries well."
Are you able to play with in-ears? *
We don't use open monitors/wedges, therefore our singers and musicians play with in-ears. We provide high-quality in-ears for you to use in case you don't have your own. Our mixes are fully stereo, sound great, sound ambient and can be adjusted through an app on your phone.
Are you able to play with a metronome/click? *
At The House we play with a metronome/click. We believe it's a handy tool that keeps the band tight.
How long have you attended The House? *
What's the best way to contact you? Email, text, fb messenger...
E.g. "Brooke Fraser, because I can tell she sings from a place of intimacy..."
E.g. "My pastor at home, because we meet once in a while and he encourages me to take risks in life." "Steven Furtick, because I love how he talks about ... this became relevant for me when I ..."
Anything you want to tell us about yourself or comment on?